Welcome to ABC Science Group

The school is focused on build Internal and External Growth in students, meaningful, appropriate and holistic learning experience for the students. It integrates various activities, academics, dedicated teachers, researches, conventional as well as modern education system and splendid infrastructure to foster the holistic development of the students

Our thought and philosophy is based on deep rooted Indian values and rich culture integrated with a global mindset. Our policies represent a vibrancy and sensitivity to the needs of all stake holders.We aspire to equip our students with skills that will help them excel in life .


We can tell you that we are very happy with the school, its employees and the education you provide to our son.We thank the team for the great service you provide, and the skills you teach our son. It is fantastic that he, after half a year, actually reads the books you provide. And it became obvious during our recent trip to London, that this kid, who didn't know a single English word last summer, was in dialogue with the waiters, ordering his own food and telling them what he thought of it afterwards, a bit embarrassingas he also told them off if he didn't like it.When looking at the team of teachers you provide, I can tell you that we are very satisfied. I am, as a business leader, quite impressed on how little impact the impressive growth ABC Science Group has experienced over the last years, has had on the children. Good work.

Parth Patel

This school is perfect for my son. He has improved dramatically not only in his studies, but also in his overall health. He is more outgoing, likes to do his classwork, and is more motivated to do his classwork. This school is the best of the best.

Naresh Joshi

I chose ABC Science Group because it is the best school in Sefton and teachers are very kind and helpful. You meet lots of nice people and it has a great Sixth Form.

Manshi Ahir